Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dear Zombies,
You are so very dead. Can't you feel the breeze, or see the blue sky? If you're numb to pain, you are also numb to joy. Open your heart! See that love is ever abundant!
I see a light in you. Let your goodness come through. It is sadness that makes you mean. Did someone hurt your feelings?
Why do you want to eat me? Let me take care of you.  I will scrub your blood-stained body, fill your ever-hungry tummies, and sing you the sweetest songs to cover up the sounds of teeth on flesh just beyond these cabin walls. I will forgive you and never judge you. We'll start a new life, and you'll learn to walk in formation and whistle.
Yet, as I write this, I am sad. I fear we will never communicate fully and that when I see you I will have to squish your brains with an axe.
Yours(but not to eat),

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