Monday, July 9, 2012

Hello world!
Snow White here. I want to tell you about the Law of Attraction! It's a philosophy that a mushroom eating fairy taught me and that I live by and believe in!!!

If you wish for something hard enough, and believe in it long enough, and sing into wishing wells, and do that thing with daisy petals... he love me he loves me not... and wear your undies inside out and backwards and fast once a month and say "thank you sun!" and clean your toe nails, eventually your dreams will become real!

All I ever wanted in the whole-wide fairy-kingdom was to be found by my Prince Charming. It is pretty much the only thought I've ever had in my entire life. That's why my eyes are so wide and clear!

And wouldn't you know it... it came true! My Prince Charming found me in a comatose state and leaped upon me! I'd always heard men desire unconscious women. Well, anyways, it was true love's kiss!  I woke from my slumber only to find myself in his loving, well-toned arms. I've never felt such tingling sensations all over my body. I wanted to do horribly vulgar things right away. That's how I knew it was true love and that all I'd ever wanted was mine!

So, alas, that burned out little creature was right! The Law of Attraction is real.

The only bad part was that also when I woke up it was a zombie apocalypse so now all my forest friends can not attend the wedding because they want to eat our faces. : /

I love you all and hope all your dreams come true minus the zombie apocalypse part because to be honest it's a horrendous existence.

Kisses and Hugs

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